Creative impulses can be planned

Feeling inspiration, we can work for hours without stopping. If the work does not go, then we are distracted and arrange a break. Both options are ineffective. We work most fruitful when we plan breaks in advance, and do not arrange them spontaneously. About this – writer Oliver Burkeman.

My regular readers are already guessing that now I am riding my beloved skate: I tirelessly urge everyone to plan my life. In my opinion, this approach justifies itself almost always. But the spontaneity for which

some are so warmly advanced is clearly overestimated. It seems to me that those who seek to be a “truly spontaneous personality” are better to bypass. They will clearly destroy everything that you jointly outlined.

I insist on this, even despite the fact that in my present life there is the most virtuoso destroyer of plans – a baby six months old. After all, the meaning of the plan is not at all to fanatically adhere to it. It is needed so that, having finished one thing, you are not lost in thought of what to do next.

The benefits of planning are especially obvious when unpredictable events happen and require your attention. As soon as the storm subsides, you will surely be too confused to choose further actions. And here your plan will have to do your own plan. Remember the winged Latin expression Carpe Diem – “Live by a moment”? I would replace it with Carpe Horarium – “Live on schedule”.

My thought is proved by a recent study that was conducted at the School of Business of Colombian University. Two groups of participants were invited in a certain time to complete two creative tasks. In the first group, participants could switch from one task to another, when they wish, in the second – through strictly defined periods of time. As a result, the second group in all respects coped with the tasks better.

How can this be explained? According to the authors, this is the matter. It can be difficult for us to catch the moment when cognitive fixation occurs in our mental activity, that is, we lose the ability to think non -standard and turn to the beaten paths. Usually we not notice it at once.

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